Trans father filmed a video motivating LGBT people to adopt children


Transgender man named Alex is a happy dad of a lovely boy and he says that to think that transgender people cannot be parents is a huge misconception. It does not matter for a person who wants to give love what is his or her gender, sexuality, marital status or income – the only thing which matters is your heart and your readiness to devote your life to a little creature (or to many little creatures if you feel you can cope with them) completely. The video was launched by charity New Family Social to mark the start of LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week. Despite one in 10 adopted children in England going to same-sex couples last year – a record high – there are still 70,000 children in care. Around 9,000 people are needed to fill this gap, and Alex said trans people were well-suited to the challenges of being a carer or parent.

Alex added that trans people may be well-prepared for parenting and they may have a lot of inner wisdom to give to their children because they know how unfair our society is and how difficult it is to resist all the obstacles. Alex said the only other qualities a prospective parent needs are “the ability to have a good laugh at yourself and do things you never imagined you might do but you’ll give it a try anyway.” He added with a smile that “you’ve got to be open to welcoming a little stranger into your house and watching them turn your life upside down.”


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