TV host Robert Osborne passed away aged 84

<> at TCL Chinese Theatre on April 25, 2013 in Hollywood, California.

Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne died on Monday, he was 84 years old. The host who educated people about the film history was openly gay, he and his partner David Staller were together for 20 years. The death was natural, he died in a sleep. “He made the choice to call it a day, and he wants everyone to know that he’ll see them at the after party,” Osborne’s partner wrote, adding that it is impossible to imagine the world without him. Osborne had appeared on TCM since it launched in 1994, and was known for his knowledge of the films the network shows. He’d normally share a load of information and inside trivia about the films about to be shown The star would also share closing remarks at the end of every film. Having worked as a columnist for the Hollywood Reporter, and as the official biographer of the Academy Awards, Osborne had written a series of books about the Oscars. “For anyone who loves movies like I do, Turner Classic Movies will be like falling into paradise,” he said in 1994, when named the TCM host. For a boy born in Colfax, Washington, cinema industry was an alternative world where he escaped from reality to make his life interesting and full. And he succeeded in it – he lived a very good life and died quietly and peacefully. Rest in peace, Robert Osborne.


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