Dad shows love to his daughter by giving her a rainbow umbrella

Singer Britney Spears arrives at the world premiere of "The Smurfs 2" at the Regency Village Theatre on Sunday, July 28, 2013 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

A teenager shared her heartwarming family story on Facebook. 15-year-old Nevaeh Sotelo came out to her family as a lesbian and they reacted perfectly. She said it was very difficult for her to confess of who she is because she was not sure in their reaction. But all she received was warmth and unconditional love from her super-accepting daddy. He then went out and bought her a bright, rainbow coloured umbrella as a gift. His father is an active supporter of LGBT and thinks people should be treated equally regardless of gender, race or sexuality. Mr Sotelo, a retired veteran, says it’s so important to him that his daughter knows she can be whoever she wants. “I bought it for her because I know at her age it’s hard to be accepted in this cruel world we live in and not one moment do I want my daughter to forget that her dad loves her no matter what. I want her to know on those stormy and rainy days as she’s holding up that umbrella that I am there to protect her just like the umbrella is there to protect her from the rain.”


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