Judge who refused to marry gays ever still tries to keep her job


Back in 2014, circuit court magistrate and municipal judge Ruth Neely said she would never register a same-sex marriage whatever the rules say. When law conflicts with religion there is a necessity of making a choice, as the judge says, and for her the choice is obvious. The Wyoming Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics filed a complaint against her, saying she had violated six rules of judicial conduct and discrimination on the sexuality background refusing to fulfill the working duties as a judge. She has now got away with just being censured, but gets to keep her job as a judge. A 3-2 decision found that she would be censured, rather than removed from the bench. “Judge Neely shall either perform no marriage ceremonies or she shall perform marriage ceremonies regardless of the couple’s sexual orientation,” Fox added. “This case is also not about imposing a religious test on judges,” continued Fox. Rather, it is about maintaining the public’s faith in an independent and impartial judiciary that conducts its judicial functions according to the rule of law, independent of outside influences, including religion, and without regard to whether a law is popular or unpopular.”


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