Lesbian pride asked her boss to walk her down the aisle as her father refused to


The woman hoped that her Big Day would be a motivation for people she loves to get together and to make up, but unfortunately it did not happen that way. Taiwanese woman named Jennifer was dating with her partner (now wife) Sam for 11 years. And all that time her father was letting her know that he did not accept his daughter’s choice. Jennifer says that Sam is her second half and there is no doubt about it – they were even born the same day! So she was upset that her dad did not understand it, so she decided to share her trouble with her employer. She was so sad about her parent’s rejection that she even considered faking a marriage with a man. Colleagues understood Jennifer’s feelings and surrounded her with support she did not even expect. When he found out Jennifer’s dad wouldn’t walk her down the aisle, the Chief Executive of HSBC in Taiwan offered to do it himself. Same-sex marriage isn’t legal in Taiwan at the moment, but the couple wanted to recognise their special relationship.


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