South Dakota governor still doubts whether to sign anti-LGBT bill


The state leader said he has not made the exact decision concerning the bill which would allow the adoption agencies in South Dakota to say ‘no’ to the potential adopters if there is something going contrary their religious belief. It concern mostly the identity of the potential adopters as LGBT. The bill, SB149, was passed by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee last week and on Wednesday last week passed by the full Senate. Last week the Governor said: “I know it was relatively controversial,” saying he would “listen to both sides”. It has been heavily criticised by human rights advocates, who say it equates to a “license to discriminate” people for being LGBT, promoting so-called ‘conversation therapy’ and treatment of health conditions someone believes to be disorders. It can also affect single parents, interfaith couples and those couples where one or both partners had been previously divorced. The broad measure would also allow agencies to refuse to place a child with members of their extended family, which is common practice in adoptions.


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