Students ask for apology from Catholic schools banning same-sex prom dates

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Students of the Catholic school for girls demand to allow them same-sex prom dates, which are banned by the school rules. They name the rule archaic, shameful and discriminatory. Titled ‘Publicly Apologise & Let Girls Take Girls to Prom’, the petition was launched on 27 February by an anonymous student and has been signed by 1000 people already, but the school administration still insisted it to be blocked. “As LBGT issues continue to be the subject of discussion and debate within the Catholic church and society at large, so too are they matters of consideration for Mercy High School… the expectation has been that a Mercy student’s date be male. These limitations are premised both in preserving the spirit of the prom as a safe and enjoyable experience for the students of Mercy, as well as recognising and adhering to the teachings of the Church,” a statement from the school president Sister Mary McCarthy reads.


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