The husband of the famous writer split with her because he is gay


Jill Smokler, a New York Times bestselling author, as well as the blogger behind Scary Mummy revealed on Facebook that her husband Jeff had come out to her as gay, and after 17 years of being together with her and she decided to let him go and divorce.

Jill said that she had know about Jeff’s sexuality for years but only now she is able to make up her mind with it. The couple have three children together and even after separating, described each other as “soulmates”, because love is something deeper and wider than sexual attraction and the moments of pleasure and struggling they shared for these 17 years just cannot be erased. Writing on her blog, Jeff responded with a post titled ‘When love isn’t exactly love: Divorcing my soulmate’. He said that he deeply loves his former wife and admires her, and he is really grateful to Jill that she allowed him to breathe free and to be who he is finding love in passionate meaning of this word as well.


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