Hong Kong government forced to think over protecting LGBT


The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) and the Gender Research Centre (GRC) of the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong published a common statement urging the state government to provide anti-discriminatory measures for sexual minorities, these were 75 businesses among which were Google, Goldman Sachs and law firm Linklaters.‘Across the world, the plight of LGBTI communities has been gaining increasing concern. As human societies progress, governments are expected to take greater responsibility in defending the marginalised and vulnerable groups in society from discriminatory treatment,’ said EOC chairperson Professor Alfred Chan Cheung-ming. ‘Offering the LGBTI communities better legal protection is more than just a moral and human rights obligation. It also makes business sense… by promoting a diverse and inclusive culture, Hong Kong will be able to retain and draw in talent, which is important in the competitive global environment. Hong Kong should modernise its anti-discrimination legislation.’


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