The mother of the murdered Brazilian trans woman is heartbroken


Dandara dos Santos, 42, was taken from her home, beaten, stripped and thrown in a wheelbarrow before 6 men have brutally beaten her to death. The woman’s mother told the local TV that she is still unable to make up her mind with that fact that her child is gone. “I was very desperate, crying and asking God what had happened. What did these boys do, my God? I became so crazy I could not believe it if there was a fight or not.” The victim’s sister Sonia described her dead sibling as a real altruist who lived for others and helped people regardless of who they were, never saying ‘no’ to anybody. But in response she received only bullying. Sonia said that this had not been the first attack on Dandara because of her trans identity. Officers raided homes in the Bom Jardim neighbourhood in Fortaleza yesterday, arresting five men. André Santos Costa, the secretary of public security in the state of Ceará, told Brazilian news channel Globo that two of the men suspected of shooting Dandara have been arrested.


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