USA sorority now accepts trans women


A nationwide sorority house in the US Alpha Chi Omega, which carries the motto ‘Creating Strong Women’ has recently introduced the new policy allowing transgender women to join. The policy was changed in late February, and announced in a statement from the sorority’s national headquarters. This is the first trans-inclusive policy introduced by the sorority nationwide. “I know that on a national level, it was a question that was starting to come up a lot,” Alex Hansen, the UNM chapter president said. “It’s not something that a lot of chapters nationally have made the choice to have.” The sorority members claim that their key idea is to empower women, all women. The sisters believe that there is actually nothing to differ trans women from non-trans ones. For the first time ever one of America’s oldest fraternities last year opted to allow out trans men into its membership. Meanwhile almost half the members of the Delta chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi at Tufts University walked out last year in protest of the treatment of a trans pledge.


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