Owen Jones quits social; media because of being abused


Openly gay correspondent of The Guardian has announced that he is going to leave the social media because he is tired of tonnes of verbal abuse he receives there daily. He even complained over death threatens, so from now he is going to use Facebook only to share someone else’s content. As for the rest of options, they give him nothing except depression and sad thoughts, so he decided not to waste his life on it. “Added with the usual far-right extremists sending ever more creative descriptions of how they’re going to torture and murder me, I’m no longer convinced social media is as useful a tool for political debate and discussion as it once was,” Jones wrote. The Guardian journalist went on to say that he should have expected “attack” but to him, that’s a waste. And even though he is told to get a thick skin and to ignore haters because it is his work to tell people something they may not like and to be responsible for it, but the journalist says that in fact everything is much more complicated. If he can limit abuse and humiliation, then what should stop him from doing this? “If you have beliefs driven by a sense of humanity, then that same sense of humanity should always influence how you behave. We can win, but only if we persuade people that don’t currently think like us. It can be done, but it isn’t easy. One day we’ll do it, and build a world far more just than the one we have today,” Jones wrote.


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