The gay couple might have no chance for a happy life because of Trump


Texan Paul Harrison and his Iranian fiancé have traveled thousands of miles to visit each other over the duration of their relationship so far. But Donald Trump’s ban of the citizens of 7 Muslim countries from entering the USA may possibly separate two loving people forever. The initial ban has since been struck down in the court, but the looming threat of a second ban means that the couple are racing to to obtain the correct visa, although only 3 months remained for a couple to receive it and to be permitted to tie the knot for nobody ever to get them apart. Harrison opened up about the ordeal to the Human Rights Campaign, saying that the man he loves was unlucky to be born in a country with a capital punishment for being gay. The only thing Harrison wants is to know that his beloved is alive and safe. In the short video he recounted a time they visited Istanbul where they got the opportunity to kiss in public. “He’d never ever had the opportunity to do something like that,” Harrison explained. “It was just such a wonderful experience for me to see that he actually felt free.” Speaking about the ban, the Texan said that when he heard of the news he felt sick immediately. “With one signature on a piece of paper, our lives completely changed,” he said, “I just want him here and I want to keep him safe,” Paul added, “That’s all I want.”


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