University is demanded to suspend the racist and homophobic student


The university receives a demand to suspend or at least to punish the young man who verbally abused his female fellow student on Tinder. One message read: “You also think Hillary Clinton is good for America and that faggot queerosexuals should have rights?” Another referred to a photo of the student with a black female friend saying: “Ain’t no one like a nigger lovin white girl”. “When I first saw the message, asking about the African American man in my profile picture and calling me a ‘n***** lovin’ white girl,’ I was initially confused and shocked. Confused, because I don’t have any photos with an African American man on my profile. I later figured out that he was referring to a picture I have with my black female roommate from a snow day, where she’s wearing a hat. And shocked because those words were so vulgar and unnecessary. I screenshotted that message immediately because I was just thinking, ‘this isn’t okay, I have to do something about this,’” the girl said. The UA junior, Kyle Harcourt, sent a later message reading: “I come from Alabama where the only place we like our n****rs is hangin from trees.” Harcourt was also a member of the Sigma Pi fraternity, but the national body for the frat said he had been suspended in January, the fraternity juddged his views and behaviour. The university tweeted back to Miller to say it had begun a “disciplinary review through the Office of Student Conduct.” Miller told the Tab: “I think UA needs to send a strong message about how they handle racism and homophobia from a student. I would like to see a public statement from the school and I would like him to be suspended or expelled.”


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