Homophobic politician promoting ‘family values’ is accused of incest


Sen. Joey Hensley, a Republican Tennessee state senator, is alleged to commit and adultery with one of his colleagues. But this is not even the worst, and even the fact that his possible mistress was a patient in the medical center where he worked is not the most shocking fact. Hensley and the woman believed to be his lover are blood relatives, second cousins, to tell exactly. The accusations have come about as said cousin divorces her husband, revealing the allegations during testimony in the divorce trial. And during the divorce trial it has emerged that he allegedly prescribed opioids to his cousin. Although ethically questionable, there is no legal imperative against employee-lover-patient-cousin opioid prescriptions, as he was keen to point out. He’s now refused to testify at his cousin’s trial, citing his ability to do so as a member of the legislator.Hensley is known for promoting Christian family values and forbidding the teachers at school to mention homosexuality even during the sex education lessons.


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