Lesbians who asked people to donate money for their fertility treatment are expecting


The women who were refused of fertility treatment and ensured that they should have tried sex with men, are closer to the dream about becoming mothers. The accidental people on GoFoundMe helped 25-year old Chelsea Cruickshank to raise the required sum of money, now the woman announces her pregnancy saying that she and her partner are incredibly happy – over the moon of happiness, as she describes it. It has been hard as hell,” she said, “I first enrolled for help on the NHS when I was 20, so it has been a five-year journey. The hardest thing has been trying to find a suitable sperm donor, but the appeal really helped. We had about four people get in touch, but I picked someone who looked like my partner so that was win-win for me.” She added that she and her partner Sara don’t care about details such as gender of their child, but they will put their lives on making him or her happy.She wrote that the GoFundMe page was “now dedicated to other people trying for their families”. Chelsea pledged that the couple would “not keep a penny of this money and it’s all going to anyone who needs help having their families”. She added: “I also need advice on making this into a charity and having someone take this over while we concentrate on starting our journey into parenthood…thanks!”


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