Princess Diana’s butler Paul Burrell says the Queen knew he was gay


The butler says that Her Majesty probably had always been known he was gay, although she was rather unlikely to support it. He was speaking on daytime show This Morning for the first time, after he divorced from his wife after over 30 years they spent together. And now he is marrying his long-term male partner. “I come from a northern background, a coal mining community, a two up two down with a tin bath, no bathroom, into Buckingham Palace. And there I was confronted with this luxury, but also diversity for the first time. I think I always knew that [I was attracted to men] but also I always wanted to be married,” Burrell told the hosts. As for the Queen’s opinion about his sexuality, he went on saying that Her Majesty knew everything about the staff working for her or any of the royals, so she must have known that he was gay. Although she insisted that he should have been married to a woman. And as for his coming out story he continued: “I never expected this story to come out quite so quickly, so soon. My partner was doorstepped by a red top and said ‘we’ve got this story, we’re going to print it, what do you think about it?’ and he shut the door and didn’t know what to think. We thought we’d get into the driving seat. This is about us, it’s about our story, we’ve got to stand proud. It was going to come out anyway… so let’s stand together, strong. We were lucky we got away with it for so long. We wanted it to be on our terms, we wanted to get married, with the people we love around us, with my boys stood beside me, I wanted it to be a really proud day and then told the story…. But of course we weren’t afforded that luxury and had to act quick.”


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