Republican claims Beauty and the Beast is a weapon of demons


The homophobic former congressman Gordon Klingenschmitt accused the new Disney version of Beauty and the Beast of being a demonic force aimed to turn children into gays. The Republican noted that the love line between Le Fou and Gaston (which is so subtle that even the screenwriters don’t know exactly whether it exists) is aimed to keep children away from Christ and to turn them on the path of sin, so the Christian parents, in his opinion, should boycott the movie and try their best not to let the children see it. “Behind the human actors, the Disney Corporation and the owners thereof are intentionally promoting sin to children. When we discern through the moral lens of human interaction with the demonic spirits, pride is a demonic spirit. Sexual immortality is demonic, but what about pride? Homosexuals proudly marching in the streets… pride is the sin of arrogance, thinking that you’re smarter than God, your creator. If God made you male and female, but you want to be confused and celebrate the sin of being sexually immoral, there is a demonic spirit behind that,” he said.


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