Australia’s immigration minister said gay marriage was a nonsence


Australia’s immigration minister says that same-sex marriages are shoved into people’s throat as a politically correct nonsense. Peter Dutton told 2GB: “The CEOs would be better off out there arguing at the moment for the economy to be run a particular way or for tax to be reformed in this way so that people grow their businesses and grow jobs as opposed to taking on these moral causes. If they want to run for politics, well resign from their position and stick their hand up at the next election but don’t jam your politically correct views down our throats. Some of these CEOs who are doing the wrong thing (…) frankly need to be publicly shamed and I think people frankly are getting sick of all this politically correct nonsense.”

“I lead a fairly busy life and the thought of hanging on the phone for an hour to some person in the Philippines and still getting nowhere at the end of the call drives me crazy. Now here’s a suggestion for Telstra: instead of getting caught up and spending your investors’ money, your shareholders’ money on all these political causes, what about tidying up your own back yard first and providing a proper standard of care and service to your customers? That actually would be a good starting point. Once all that’s done then if you’ve got time on your hands you can concentrate on all these fringe issues. If people want to enter politics then do that, but don’t do it from the office overlooking the harbour on your multi-million dollar fees each year. It’s high time these people pulled back from these moralistic stances and we’d be a better society without them,” he continued. This is how the representative of the anti-LGBT wing reacted on Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to block a free Parliamentary vote on the issue, and is thought to have made assurances to his Coalition’s anti-LGBT wing against any such move during his leadership bid.


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