The former VP spoke about Trump’s attack on trans rights


Joe Biden spoke out about Donald Trump’s ant-trans measures. The reversal of years of positive movement on LGBT issues under the Obama administration has been a bitter pill to swallow for LGBT activists and the former VP Biden completely divides their struggling about it. Obama’s Vice President was visibly angry during a speech in New York today, mentioning Trump’s attack on the LGBT community. “As much great work as we’ve done, we face some real challenges ahead. We thought things were moving in the right direction… but there’s a changing landscape out there folks, and we have a hell of a lot of work to do. There are those attempting to shift the focus. 40 percent of homeless youth in the street are identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and rejected by their families out on the street… and what do we do about that? We’re now focusing on whether or not a transgender child, which bathroom they can use,” Biden said, adding that this is not a politic issue of choosing between Reps. and Dems. it is something human life depends on, the balance of sanity and insanity


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