Lesbian couple beaten by homophobes


Haley Pryor and Amelia Kathryn Allen, who live in Santa Fe, in New Mexico, were beaten outside their car after a verbal quarrel which started in a restaurant they attended. The attackers looked at the women with judgement and disgust, which made them feel uncomfortable. When Allen asked the couple, who Pryor described as Caucasian and in their forties, to stop staring at them, the man responded with a rude gesture. Pryor wrote: “I stood up and asked ‘What was that for? What did we do to deserve that? What is your problem with us?’ She said the man, who she described as at least 6’6″ and 275 lbs, “denied that he did anything and called us children then threatened to ‘call our parents.’” They tried to escape and to go home, but the attackers followed them. “When we pulled up behind them at a stop sign, they took that as their cue to ‘teach us a lesson,’” Pryor alleged, “They got out of their truck, making threatening gestures and approached my vehicle. Katt (Allen) and I opened our doors as well but never left the side of our vehicle”.

“The woman proceeded to say: ‘You don’t know who you’re messing with. My husband leaves for Afghanistan tomorrow.’ I walked around to the passenger side and just put myself between the woman and my girl without touching her. I said ‘Don’t touch my truck. Don’t touch my girlfriend.’ The woman didn’t even reply and punched me in the face”. “Her husband, who must’ve been waiting, immediately reached over and punched me again.”
She said that “the next thing I knew I was on the ground underneath the man and the woman was grappling with Katt. At that point I believe is when Katt got a hold of a tire iron on the floor of my truck and began swinging at the full grown (man) that was hitting me. I got back on my feet and the man pulled my hood down, pinned me to the side of my truck and began punching me through my jacket. I pulled off the hood and he grabbed my neck and choked me until I blacked out and fell to the ground. Katt must have made contact with the crowbar as I remember the man had blood running down the side of his face”.

“While this was happening, Katt had been grabbed by the woman and they were wrestling against the inside of the passenger side door struggling over the tire iron. Katt saw the man beating me and tried her best to get away from the woman, who had latched onto her hand with her teeth and was pulling her hair. Obviously I’m not sure but road rash on my face and fist marks in my back suggest that the man beat me while I was unconscious,” she describes the attack on Facebook. “When I came to, I stood back up and began screaming that they had made their point and had to leave. Katt and the woman were still fighting and the man grabbed me again and began punching me in the face repeatedly. He would punch me, then say ‘Let’s go!’, then punch me again and say ‘We’re leaving’ – then punch me again. After four or five times he finally stopped and I went over to the wife who was still attacking Katt. She tried to punch me in the face two or three more times before finally backing off as well. They drove away and so did we.” Pryor said that their attackers had never referenced their sexuality, but that she fully believed it was the reason why they were attacked. “They definitely were aiming a lot of the anger at me because of how I look, I’m certain,” she told local TV channel KRQE News 13.


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