Sara Ramirez criticized Dustin Lance Black for having no bi characters in his drama

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 03: Sara Ramirez attends the New York premiere of MarVista Entertainment's LOSERVILLE in partnership with STOMP Out Bullying at Village East Cinema on October 3, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for MarVista Entertainment )

The bisexual star of Grey’s Anatomy called out the Oscar-winning screenwriter and director for filming the LGBT drama but missing the letter B from it. She insists that bisexuals are the part of LGBT community that deserves being spoken about and in her opinion it is totally unfair that Black omitted bisexuals in his drama ‘When we rise’.

The text Ramirez shared, written by Lani Ka’ahumanu, saying: “Bisexuals worked shoulder to shoulder with Cleve Jones, Ken Jones, Roma Guy and Cecilia Chung whose lives are featured. This is not to take away from their incredible contributions; this is to point out what might not be noticed in the excitement of watching “When We Rise”. Indeed, this is not a zero-sum game, we can honour those depicted in When We Rise, and mourn the poor Bi+ representation.” As well as sharing the text by Ka’ahumanu, Ramirez tweeted a link to a blog post by Martin Rawlings-Fein for the Bay Area Bisexual Network. Rawlings-Fein wrote that while watching the series he found himself waiting for a bisexual leader to be introduced, but was consistently let down. “Our stories are not convenient, they do not fit into the boxes in which others try to place them,” he said. Black responded to Ramirez that she is a great woman and actress he deeply admires, although he says her claims to be false, because he insists there are bisexuals in ‘When we rise’


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