Teen opened the gay rights debates in his class as his sister came out to him


A 12-year-old schoolboy Evan Gant has written a beautiful essay about LGBT rights, as his teacher gave him a task to open the debates of anything he wants. And he chose LGBT issues because his sister Juliana recently came out as a lesbian. “Have you ever thought about gay rights? Gay rights are important, because they are like every other person in the world. It doesn’t matter if you like the same gender, as long as you are still you. It doesn’t matter about what people say, it’s about what you think and say. I know someone that I care for so much and they are gay. I still think of her as a friend, someone that cares for me,” the boy writes. He insists that finding out that his sister loves girls cannot erase that fact that she is still his sibling and the best friend of his. Of course, sometimes she irritates him (the rivalry of siblings exists as long as our planet is spinning, nothing can change it), but her sexuality did not influence on her brother’s feelings to her at all – he looks at her and sees the same Juliana he saw before she came out, and he does not love her less than he used to. All the LGBT people are people first of all – someone’s children, spouses, parents, siblings. And that is why nobody can limit them in their rights. The sister was deeply touched by her brother’s words. She told Buzzfeed: “It was extremely heartwarming because he has never actually talked about it with me or told me what he thinks about it or how he feels about it”


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