Vancouver welcomed trans people


In all government-run buildings of the Canadian city the bathrooms are now trans-inclusive. Moreover, it is written on each bathroom sign that trans people are welcomed. The signs, which will have a message reading “Trans People Welcome” rather than a symbol, are part of the new trans-accepting policy which also includes senior staff training and re-assessing the city’s grant priorities. The city manager stated: “Everyone has the right to safe and inclusive washroom facilities. This change is another step forward towards ensuring equality and inclusion for all. This updated signage aims to help trans*, gender variant and two-spirit individuals feel safer accessing the washroom facility they most identify with.” Vancouver schools voted through a motion for gender-neutral bathroom facilities 3 years ago. And the city has had permanent rainbow crossings ever since putting them in place for Pride Week 2013. Vancouver also saw Prime Minister Justin Trudeau become the first sitting leader to lead the annual Pride parade last year.


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