Beauty and the Beast will be screened in full in Malaysia


Beauty and the Beast will appear on Malaysian screens without any cuts demanded by censors because of a gay moment announced by the film director. As the Malaysian censors expressed the willing to cut the gay episode, the Disney officials preferred rather to cancel the film screening in the country at all. But now the Malaysians promise to screen the film in full. And Disney released a statement today reporting that it had triumphed in its stand-off with the censors. “We are pleased to announce that Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has now been approved to be released in Malaysia on March 30th with no cuts, with a PG 13 rating,” statement says. Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid, head of Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board, told AFP last week that his organisation was trying to censor the film because “The way he (Le Fou) dances is…gay and the dialogue and the lyrics of the song are too. In the same scene he also lifts up his shirt and shows a love bite on his tummy.” Homosexuality is considered to be a crime in Malaysia, punished with a long-term imprisonment.


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