British MPs tried to receive access to Grindr repeatedly


The new data showed that 272,000 attempts to access Grindr had been made in a single month from the parliamentary estate. It actually means the attempts were made by MPs, Lords and their staff, and guests to the parliamentary estate who have been given access to the internet. Employees and visitors are banned from accessing websites such as Grindr, Tinder and other dating apps on the estate, but they still make attempts to receive access to the sites. A Parliamentary spokesman said: “All adult websites are blocked on Parliament’s computer network. The vast majority of ‘attempts’ to access them are not deliberate. The data shows ‘requests’ to access websites, not visits to them. Pop-up adverts make up a significant number of these ‘attempts’, which the computer user would not even have been aware of. There are 8,500 computers on the Parliamentary Network, which are used by MPs, Peers, their staff and staff of both Houses. This data also covers personal devices used when logged on to Parliament’s guest Wi-Fi.”


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