Asia Kate Dillon educated Ellen DeGeneres about non-binary issues


Ellen DeGeneres and Asia Kate Dillon were part of a landmark television segment on Tuesday (21 March). Ellen asks Dillon about how it feels to be non-binary in life and in series at the same time. ‘Non-binary is a term used by some people – myself included – who experience their gender identity as falling somewhere outside the boxes of man or woman,’ Dillon explained. Ellen was a little bit surprised because she did not know it. She asked her guest about the pronouns they prefers not to be mistaken while talking to non-binary people. Dillon uses the singular ‘they, them, their’ pronouns and said ‘I was assigned female at birth.’ Dillon explained the ongoing learning process after accepting the role on Billions as someone who simultaneously identifies as female and gender-nonbinary, because as they describes, something that is between your legs does not define something that is between your ears. As for romantic life, Dillon identified their partner as ‘a self-identified man.’
DeGeneres had to laugh. ‘I can call him he? It’s really confusing and I think people assume just because I’m gay I understand all of this and I don’t,’ she admitted. Said Dillon: ‘It’s a learning process for us too so of course it’s going to be a learning process for everyone as well.’


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