Daily Beast journalist outing LGBT Olympians says he is deeply sorry


Nico Hines writes apology for outing LGBT sportsmen at the Rio Olympic Games 2016. Now he returns to his job and claims he regrets about spreading this information publicly over a half a year ago. She issued a statement Titled ‘What I learnt?’ in which he wrote The article intruded into the lives of people who had a right to be left alone. For some readers it brought up old, ugly LGBTQ stereotypes. And I didn’t accurately represent myself during the reporting of the piece. These were all profound failures, and I’m sorry for them.’ The straight journalist had an account on a gay dating app with a purpose to out the closeted athletes. Now he admits that it was unfair, even though he did not mention the names. He named the countries, and in some of them it is illegal to be gay. Since our article was published, I have received hundreds of emails reminding me that many members of the LGBTQ community do not always feel they can trust society at large and I am aware that I contributed to that fear,’ Hines writes. ‘By failing to recognize the harm I might cause by intruding on a safe space, I was guilty of reinforcing those emotions.’ The article was first edited to delete some of the details after it was widely condemned. Then Daily Beast took the highly unusual step of withdrawing the entire article and instead published an apology from the editor.


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