Film director Roland Emmerich gets married


Roland decided to tie the knot with his boyfriend Omar this summer, it has been announced. The star director, who is best known for his disaster films, revealed the happy news in an interview with the German Press Agency (DPA). The director proposed Omar after 9 years spent together and the answer was obviously ‘yes’. They are going to marry this summer in Los Angeles, because that’s where they saw each other for the first time. Emmerich, who originally hails from the city of Stuttgart in south Germany, broke into Hollywood when he directed Universial Soldier. Afterwards he became famous for his disaster films, which famously include Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. Te age gap between the grooms-to-be is 33 years, but it does not bother them, they want to spend the rest of their lives together and we sincerely wish them to. Our congratulations!


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