Marvel Latina superhero from same-sex family has a comic book of her own


America Chavez, a queer Latina teenager with lesbian parents, debuted in comic books in 2011, but was almost unnoticed till last month, as the comic book of her own, titled ‘America’, debuted, receiving a lot of support from both LGBT and Latino communities. Writer Gabby Rivera, herself Latina and queer, describes America Chavez as “a foxy, badass, hard femme Latina who dates women and punches into other dimensions” who is no less strong than The Rock. Rivera’s covers have so far taken inspiration from Beyoncé and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is also of Puerto Rican descent. Rivera said that when they were discussing potential covers with illustrator Joe Quinones, they “kicked around so many iconic images, from the Beatles to Celia Cruz. And Rivera said fans could look forward to more diversity as the comic develops, promising: “America Chavez will not be the only character in the book with an intersecting identity. She will not be the sole representation of queer people and women and Latinas” .


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