Becky G: Playing a lesbian superhero was beautiful


Becky G has said she is “so proud” to play the first gay superhero, Trini, the Yellow Ranger (who is struggling with romantic feelings to another girl, which are totally new for her ) in the new episode of Power Rangers. Speaking to her fans via live-streaming app Periscope, Becky G, a singer and actress who is appearing in her first feature-length film describes the character as a special and different one in the best meaning of this word, adding that she has no doubt that the audience will love her. “What this movie represents is diversity, and that life is so much better with it being more colourful rather than black-and-white – and I think it’s a story that’s a true reflection of the audience that’s going to be watching the movie.” She said she wanted to talk directly to fans about “about Trini being a representative for the LGBTQ+ community,” because it was really important to her. “It was something we wanted to make sure was very present in her story…and that felt really authentic, because the truth is, it’s the story of a lot of people out there.” Becky added that she hopes that Trini’s story will help LGBT watchers who still cannot understand themselves. “With Trini, I wanted to make it feel like you guys are embarking on this journey of self-discovery with her. Figuring out who you are isn’t easy, and I feel like for her in this movie, that first step is self-acceptance, and surrounding herself with the right people.
She finally finds herself in a place where she’s comfortable enough to deal with this inner conflict, these issues she’s been having, because she really feels like she’s different.” Speaking passionately into the camera, she added: “The fact that she can rely on four other amazing people who are all different in their own way and feel like she’s accepted is huge, and I think that’s a really groundbreaking moment. I want people to know that means a lot to me, to be playing and portraying someone in this story who comes from that place.”


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