Christian group claims same-sex marriages will lead to people marrying themselves


A conservative Christian pressure group Anglican Mainstream and the Coalition For Marriage, suggested that marriage equality laws would be the first step on the way to people marrying themselves. They said: “Few same-sex marriages have actually taken place. But the shockwaves of the momentous decision to redefine marriage continue to reverberate around our culture” the group said adding that such cultural changes influenced and will influence on the rate of sologamy – self-marriage. “There’s no doubt sologamy is only promoted by a few individuals. Apparently ‘the idea is to give yourself a commitment that values self-love and self-compassion’.
“This may give someone their day in the limelight, but it is a million miles away from the self-giving, outward-looking nature of marriage. Only true marriage binds people and society together, providing children with a mother and father who are committed to each other for life,” the statement continues. “C4M always said there was no great demand for redefining marriage. Our May 2012 poll found that only a minority (39 per cent) of people identifying as LGB thought same-sex marriage was a priority. Now the official figures have exposed all the media fanfare and celebration as hollow bluster.”


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