Family doctor warns people about the danger of HIV with rap


Over the strains of Vanilla Ice’s 1990 hit Ice Ice Baby, Shannon Dowler – who goes by the stage name Rap Dkta D asks people to have only safe sex and not to forget about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, in part HIV. And the way Doctor D does it is definitely worth being watched even by those who already know how to stay sexually healthy. She is not just a doctor to warn her patients about the danger of STDs, she proclaims herself as the STD poet. The video features a series of older couples, including a same-sex couple holding hands as they recline, nude, on top of a mountain. “No shame in being a freak and getting a little frisky,” she tells the camera during the song, titled STDs Never Get Old. Perhaps the most memorable line comes before the first refrain of “Safe sex baby,” when Dr Dowler drawls: “Can it really help being sex kittens? Why can’t you wear your little sex mittens?” The North Carolina doctor adds: “Vaginal atrophy is something / A sex catastrophe, it can be the real thing”. She goes on to describe the dangers of syphilis and “subtle and sneaky” chlamydia, telling her audience: “No lame excuses, you know to take precautions”.


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