Keegan Hirst opens up about sharing changing rooms with straight teammates


‘There is a lot of innuendo. Handling balls that sort of thing. Most of it you couldn’t publish!’ the out gay sportsman tells Channel 4 where he takes part in a dating show shortly after coming out. Although, it is just a joke, there is no discomfort between him and his teammates, who welcomed and supported him as he came out. ‘It’s just part of the day-to-day craic in the dressing room. Like if someone has a bad haircut or has put a bit of weight on,’ he explains. ‘That bit of ribbing is acceptance. It’s not an elephant in the room or something people have to skirt around or be careful of what they say.’ He was in closet for many years, he married a woman and became a father of 2, so he thought that coming out would be painful and stressful. But at least from the point of view of sport it did not affect him much. : ‘The lads have welcomed me with open arms. Obviously they are aware but we all do the same job and there’s not really any egos there – it’s not that kind of club. There’s been no issues at all. It has been a pretty easy transition.’


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