George Michael’s best friend and former bandmate is irritated with a documentary about his last days


The documentary, The Final Days of George Michael, aired on Five in the UK, the celebrity’s fans and friends left with the mixed feelings. Especially his Wham! colleague and best friend Andrew Ridgeley, who branded the documentary as ‘mucky’. “2 conceive such a sensationalist & mucky piece of voyeurism may be par 4 the course for u, the decision to air b4 GM’s funeral is insensitive, contemptuous & reprehensible. U might have the had decency 2 schedule post funeral & after a respectful period”, the musician tweeted, being deeply furious with a documentary aired before Michael’s funeral. Fans also disliked it, calling it trash, disrespectful and homophobic. Former The Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie was featured in the show, despite being editor of the newspaper at a time when it printed constant homophobia. Limited information is know about the star’s final days in truth, having been a very private man. Five responded to one viewer who had complained about the show.


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