Married gay guys quit jobs to explore the world


Brad and his husband Kevin sold their house, left their boring job and started to travel worldwide. They have already been to 30 countries. They cannot pick the best place they have been to, they think that every single country has its own beauty and reason to be visited. Every place they traveled to influenced on them and made them better people. There is no trip they would take negate memories from. If to choose one, they’d rather choose the Alaska cruise, their honeymoon. If they are not impressed by some city (it happens), they use it to have a little break and enjoy each other. As they say, there is no need to go anywhere to enjoy their feelings, the most romantic vacation, or how they call it ‘staycation’ was spent in their hometown, where, by the way, the way, they experienced much more homophobia that anywhere. They have been even to the most homophobic countries of the world and they say that there is no need to express their sexuality there telling to each person they see that they are gay. Of course, they attended Pride events as well and communicated with other gay travelers. But when their freedom and life depended on it they preferred not to risk. It is still better than not to go at all. Although, they refused to go to Senegal because of too harsh laws. They love to be together and that fact that they have different interests (while Kevin likes some antiques, churches, temples, caves and ruins,, Brad prefers to read a book calmly in some cozy place) does not spoil their impression from the trip. And they still have a lot off travel plans. Brad shared: “Some of our upcoming highlights are going to India during Holi, the colorful celebration, and being in Japan for Sakura, the cherry blossom season. Beyond that we have no idea. We plan as we go and enjoy where the journey takes us”.


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