Director Dax Shepard does not believe the movie CHiPs to be homophobic


The creator of the new comedy denied it to be homophobic in a bad way, as he says. But is it possible to be homophobic in a ‘good’ way? The cop-friendship film features a number of scenes where the main characters are shown to be disturbed with a possibility of a contact between 2 men. One scene sees a FBI agent accidentally face-plant into his partner’s crotch, he then proceeds to freak out about it. Another sees the agent feeling discomfort over sharing a locker room with many men in underwear. The film has been accused of “dredging up scenarios where men are confronted with the naked bodies, perceived masculinity and potential desire for other men”, and tackling it in a less than appropriate way.

“I do think it’s fun and challenging to have a topic like homophobia be in this movie and to do it correctly. That’s a very fun challenge. The intent isn’t homophobic, the intent is actually to be progressive and still deal with that issues because that issue is always going to be funny – all those issues are going to be funny,” Shepard told Huffington Post. His wife Kristen Bell, who also stars in the movie, divides her husband’s opinion completely. “He is the most un-homophobic person you could ever find – I mean, we waited until everyone could get married before we got married, based on principle,” she said.


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