Russia categorized Power Rangers as 18+ because of a lesbian character


As we reported last week, the Power Rangers franchise is set to include a lesbian storyline for the first time in history. Trini, the Yellow Ranger, is confused about her feelings to another girl, and Russian film officials were confused of whether the audience should see it. Russian strict anti-gay laws usually oppose LGBT characters on big screens. The film was criticised by United Russia party politician Vitaly Milonov, who is adamantly anti-LGBT. Shortly after, censors rated the film an 18+, although the original rate was 16+. Russia is not the only country that opposes LGBT rights but still permits the film to be screened. In part, Malaysian officials recently claimed o have seen no problem in the film being shown in the country. The country will show the film in its entirety despite that it includes the lesbian storyline. The decision for the censors to allow the full film to be shown is being held up as a triumph in the conservative country.


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