Trans people celebrated their identity via Twitter


Hundreds of people have taken to twitter to show how proud they are of their gender identity using a hashtags #TransGuyTwitter and showing themselves without fear. The Inspiring set of tweets talk about transitioning, visibility, to cheer up one another or even to come out. Non-binary people also joined the celebrations. Masculine and feminine, before and after transition, Europeans, Africans and Asians – they all are beautiful and valuable. It is never too late to find your true self and to realize that you are perfect from the day that you were born. Whatever people say, they may hate you, they may judge you, they may attack you, but they are just jealous – because you are you, forever. You don’t try to follow the stereotypes and to be like others, there is no need to, there will not be another you, live your life, otherwise the world will not be full.


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