Trans woman found her true self after years of being a drag performer


The artists known by the stage name Peppermint has never heard about transgender people while growing up. in fact they were victimised on popular shows including prime time slots such as Jerry Springer, and it made her close deep inside herself not to face bullying and prejudice.“I did not know any other trans people when I was younger,” she explained. “I didn’t have a word for being trans or anything. You don’t blend in, you’re the different one. I didn’t want that for myself.” As she grew older, she was introduced to drag and realised that this was they way she could “be a woman” and have people “cheer her on”. She performed as drag in several American cities but it did not bring her the joy and harmony she expected. She said: “For a while the best way to live my life was to have this drag persona. I used drag as a disguise to transition underneath. I’d traveled the world, I’d made all the money, I’d had all the jobs, and I still wasn’t happy,” she explained. “I never really felt anything other than where I feel now. I slowly morphed and as I was morphing most people got it. A lot of trans people’s stories focus on the transformation. Being trans is about self evaluation and self exploration. My name is Peppermint. I am 37 years old, and I am beautiful.”


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