Ellen’s fan re-imagined his favorite show even hiring the host’s clone

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Lukas Jakobiak, a YouTuber from Poland, wanted to be the guest of Ellen’s show but he understood that he was not famous enough for her to invite him. But is it a reason to give up upon your dream& Absolutely no, the man decided and replicated the show in the smallest details – from plants and furniture, to actually Ellen. He spent three years of his life making the exact copy, before hiring an Ellen lookalike to act as host. The fanatical Ellen supporter used the hashtag #LucasOnEllen in the hope of the American chatshow host seeing his claim, and inviting him on for real. “My dears!!! We made it!!! Ellen DeGeneres invited me to her show!!! I died!! I’m flying to Los Angeles!!!!!! Now I can’t believe I’ll start making motivational lectures abroad!!!” he told his social network audience. Jakobiak is filmed ringing his mother from his apartment in the Polish capital, Warsaw, fooling her into believing he has been invited onto the show. He posted images of him supposedly boarding a flight to Los Angeles, and claimed that his dream was coming true. He then filmed himself supposedly appearing on the show, with Ellen lookalike Beata Skokowska posing for the video. Although the replica cannot replace reality and he believes he will meet a real Ellen one day. MSN Entertainment saw the clip and wrote: “Lukasz Jakobiak fought it for three years, and it worked! The correspondent appeared on the famous talk-show of Ellen DeGeneres.”
Polish Glamour magazine said: “To his countless list of successes Lukasz Jakobiak will soon be able to add another – an appearance on the popular American programme The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” And Poland-based Jastrzab Post added: “So Lukasz joins the biggest stars in show business by visiting Ellen’s program. Wow!”


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