LGBT rights in Indonesia should be pushed forward, France insists

French President Francois Hollande delivers a speech to the press about the legalisation of same-sex marriages at the end of the weekly cabinet meeting at the Elysee presidential Palace, on April 24, 2013. AFP PHOTO/JACQUES DEMARTHON (Photo credit should read JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP/Getty Images)

The French President visits Indonesia this week and there are many issues he plans to discuss, among them are in part LGBT rights, which are strictly limited in the country. At least French and international LGBT activists demand from the President to discuss this issue pending the trip to Indonesia. “France should ensure that its pursuit of deeper economic ties with Indonesia does not come at the price of silence on human rights,” said Bénédicte Jeannerod, France director at Human Rights Watch. “Hollande should affirm that promoting and protecting people’s rights is critically important for any country strengthening its engagement with France.” They insist that the President of Indonesia simply failed to provide the protection of the citizens’ rights, in part the rights of LGBT. And in their opinion it is simply impossible to do it now without a strong international influence.


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