People accuse goldfish of homophobia

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LGBT activists in Australia are irritated with a new commercial for Kellog’s cereal that features a homophobic goldfish, however hilarious it may sound. The ad shows a fish swimming around their bowl, before discovering Sultana Bran cereal next to his bowl. Each time it goes round the fish remarks at just how much bran is in the cereal. But the fish’s accent is what has annoyed some viewers, saying it has a voice associated with camp men. Thousands of complaints have already been received. But the company replied that thefish is genderless, so there cannot be any stereotypes concerning gender and sexuality. “The goldfish was not depicted, nor given features or movements, which were homosexual in nature. Further, the advertisement made no reference to homosexual relationships.There was no innuendo or further suggestion of anything other,” the statement says. The watchdog in turn said that because “in the context of a humorous scenario of a goldfish forgetting what it has just said and repeating itself, the depiction of a talking fish with no identifiable gender is not negative or demeaning to any person”.


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