BBC plans to launch the new series about the life of gays in UK


Sherlock writer and star Mark Gatiss has curated a BBC series about the rises and falls of British LGBT community. The show, created to mark the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality, which is being produced in partnership with The Old Vic theatre, where it is going to be staged in summer before being aired on BBC 4. The BBC also announced earlier this year that it would mark the anniversary by airing a drama about the Lord Montagu case, a famous legal battle over anti-gay legislation which sparked calls to decriminalise homosexuality. Creators of episodes for the show include experienced screenwriters Jackie Clune and Brian Fillis, as well as five LGBT writers writing for BBC for the first time. Gatiss, who has also written episodes and novels of Doctor Who, said it was “a privilege to be working with such brilliant writers and actors. At this challenging and fluid time, it’s a marvelous opportunity to celebrate LGBT life and culture, to see how far we have come and how far we still have to go.” The BBC said the show would include 1957’s Wolfenden Report, the HIV crisis and the 1967 Sexual Offence Act. These 15-minute monologues will mark and celebrate some of the most poignant, funny, entertaining, tragic and riotous moments of British gay history and the very personal rites-of-passage of gay Britons through the last 100 years,” the statement continued.


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