Court increases ‘unduly lenient’ sentence for homophobes that attacked a gay couple


The sentences of two homophobic thugs have been increased after the government challenged an “unduly lenient” sentence. 18-year-old Gage Vye-Parminter and 19-year-old Matthew Howes were initially sentenced to five years in a young offender institution for the hate crime attack taking place in May. Both victims were seriously injured, Mr Finney sustaining fractured eye sockets, fractured cheekbones and a fracture to his nose – nearly losing vision in one eye. The UK’s government’s Solicitor General Robert Buckland had challenged the “unduly lenient” sentence in the case, which he contends did not reflected the homophobic hate crime element of the case.
The senior government legal chief made an apperance before the Court of Appeal today to personally argue the case. After the intervention, Vye-Parminter and Howes have now been sentenced to 7 years behind bars. Speaking after the hearing, the Solicitor General said: “This vicious attack was totally unprovoked and has left the victims with long-term emotional and physical scars. It will take the victims a considerable amount of time to recover from this. I thought the sentence was unduly lenient as it failed to adequately take into account that this attack was motivated by hate. I hope the Court’s decision to impose a longer prison sentence, to include the sentence uplift, sends a clear message to society that such offences will not be tolerated.”


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