Man admits supplying drugs to Grindr killer


A man who supplied the drugs to serial killer Stephen Port has pleaded guilty. Crimes took place in 2014-2015, but initially the authorities failed to unite them all into one case to convict the 41-year-old Stephen Port. This week, a man pleaded guilty to selling mephedrone and GHB to Port. Appearing in Southwark Crown Court, 23-year-old Gerald Matovu admitted supplying Port with drugs using which might lead to death, although the dealer claimed he had not known about Port’s plans connected with the drugs. Port bought the drugs from Matovu for use during consensual sex with his partner. Phone records and downloads from electronic devices belonging to Port clearly showed contact with Matovu and Port had described Matovu as his drug dealer to his partner. In messages Matovu told Port he had quantities of GHB stating he had “loads of G” and asked how much he wanted. The dealer is to be sentenced next month, currently he is free on bail.


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