New book for kids will represent Santa as a black married gay man


Daniel Kibblesmith said he created the book, a parody in the vein of infamous pre-bedtime read Go the F**k to Sleep, for his own children. He previously claimed that he and his wife author Jennifer Ashley Wright will tell their children that real Santa is black, and the white one they might see on the street, on TV or in a big shopping mall is no one else but Santa’s spouse. And yesterday, Kibblesmith, who also writes for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the US, followed this up with confirmation that a book with this narrative would come out for the holidays. “I can’t believe it, but this is officially happening,” he wrote, without even trying to hide his excitement about it. Santa’s Husband will be about Black Santa and his white husband, who often fills in for him at malls, and will be produced with Harper Design. The publisher said the book is meant to be read by all ages. And people were delighted with the concept.


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