Stonewall auctions luxury holiday to country where being gay is illegal


Caribbean island of St Lucia imprisons people up to 10 years for having gay sex. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office issued an official warning about how dangerous this place may be for gay tourists and so did the USA state department issuing the statement that said: “Consensual same-sex sexual activity is illegal under indecency statues, and some same-sex sexual activity between men is also illegal under anal intercourse laws. Indecency statutes carry a maximum penalty of five years, and a sodomy conviction carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.” Despite the country having had these homophobic laws since 2004, Stonewall sold a holiday to the island at its annual Equality Dinner on Friday, under the heading “Paradise Found”. Being asked for explanation the charity spokesman recalled: “This was a generous gift from one of our key supporters, Out Of Office, who specialise in LGBT-friendly holiday experiences. All proceeds from the Equality Dinner go towards Stonewall’s vital work, including supporting lesbian, gay, trans and bi people internationally.” The spokesperson refused to answer whether the charity would help the auction winner if they were arrested or abused, or whether the auction itself was hypocritical or dangerous. When asked whether Stonewall was aware of the fact that St Lucia criminalises gay people, a Stonewall spokesperson did not answer. The sale raised £8,000 according to OutOfOffice, the travel site which supplied the holiday for Stonewall to auction off.


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