New Zealand theater bathroom sign celebrates diversity the most beautiful way


It seems the tiny town of Dunedin in the very south of New Zealand is becoming a leader in accepting non-binary gender identities. It also welcomes people on wheelchairs and even aliens, if they only wash their hands, of course. And we are not joking – that is exactly what the bathroom sign reads. The 1650-seater Regent Theatre just installed a new restroom sign that shows it accessible to people of all abilities, genders and intergalactic species. Underneath the alien were the instructions, ‘whatever, just please wash your hands’. ‘We like people to be relaxed and that’s the point of having the sign,’ Regent Theatre marketing manager Hannah Molloy told the Otago Daily Times. “It takes any anxiety away for people who might feel pressured into going into toilets specified for one gender, or another, when they don’t necessarily relate to that gender.’ The most important thing is to make people feel comfortable and safe. ‘People are delighted … we haven’t had any negative feedback at all. Clearly there is a demand for it – society is ready,’ Molloy said.


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