One more trans woman killed


40-year-old trans woman in Loteamento Luiz Gonzaga, urban area of ​​Vitória de Santo Antão in the southern state of Pernambuco, Brazil, was robbed and stabbed to death on the way home after visiting her friend. Trans woman named Wilka was killed with three separate stab wounds, according to Brazilian media – one to the neck, one to the back and one to the abdomen. She died of blood loss. The police have no suspects and no possible motive of the crime. They still investigate whether it was a hate crime based on the victim’s trans identity.But on Facebook one of the victim’s friends, Heymilly Maynard, says Wilka was murdered after being confused with a cisgender woman. According to Maynard, she was on her home after visiting a friend when someone tried to rob her; when they found out Wilka was a trans woman, they murdered her. ‘Wherever you are, have a good rest,’ she said. ‘Now you are free of the killers on earth.’


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